Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Lake Tahoe for a destination wedding?
  • Where can I be married at Lake Tahoe?
  • How will the weather at Lake Tahoe be for my wedding?
  • How do I get started planning my wedding?
  • Where can I stay at Lake Tahoe?
  • Where can I find more information about the Lake Tahoe area?
  • Do I have the time to plan a memorable event myself or should I use a wedding coordination service?
  • How does a couple actually get legally "married?"
  • How does the ceremony usually proceed?
  • What are the choices I may make for a customized wedding ceremony?

Why Lake Tahoe for a destination wedding?   Lake Tahoe, considered the ‘jewel of the High Sierra, is a bi-state lake located in the States of Nevada and California. The lake and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains offer the perfect and most unique setting for your wedding celebration. Lake Tahoe offers everything for weddings, and much more...a perfect setting for your guests to come and enjoy the many activities surrounding your special moment. The area offers a myriad of professional wedding services that will make your wedding day a stress-free affair.                                                                     

Where can I be married at Lake Tahoe?   Wedding locations? There are endless possibilities. Casual moments to the grand affair and everything in between - old mansions to modern day lakeside facilities. The locations are as varied as your desires. Locations are available during all seasons. You can choose locations from the ‘top of the mountain’ to going ‘barefoot on the beach.’ Ski, snowmobile, horse drawn sleigh locations to scenic Lake Tahoe Cruises paddle-wheelers and yacht destinations to horse drawn carriages. The suggestions for the varied locations that we will make are dependent on the number of guests attending and the style of the celebration that you may consider.  Wedding Locations                                                                  

How will the weather at Lake Tahoe be for my wedding?   Lake Tahoe offers over 300 days a year of beautiful crystal clear sunny skies. We are in the Sierra Nevada Mountains so the weather can change quickly. When planning a wedding, please keep in mind that you should always consider a backup in case the weather changes. Please click here to check the monthly averages and current views and weather.                  

How do I get started planning my wedding?   Please fill out one of the contact forms on this site to get started.  Click here for Rev. David's helpful Contact Form.  Click here for Rev. Dave's helpful Contact Form.  We will contact you and will be delighted to assist you with your planning. Our consultations are complimentary and may stimulate ideas you may not have considered.                             

Where can I stay at Lake Tahoe?   The Lake Tahoe area offers accommodations that range from plush casino resorts to elegant condos, charming cabins and cozy family getaways to lakeside hotels and campsites. Visit the Lake Tahoe Travel Guide for more information.  The possibilities are limitless, enabling you to make decisions with your needs and budget in mind.                                  

Where can I find more information about the Lake Tahoe area?   The Lake Tahoe area offers wonderful and varied options for all your guests. There are many organizations that will help you to view all the many opportunities available. The listings here will give you a good selection of the many different possibilities.       

Do I have the time to plan a memorable event myself or should I use a wedding coordination service?  A professional wedding coordinator can help provide you with all the information you are searching for to help make your wedding day free of unnecessary stress. They can help capture your vision and make it a reality. Many locations offer their own coordinators that will help at their location, but a personal coordinator will help with the many details leading up to and through the event.   Wedding Coordinators                              

How does a couple actually get legally "married?"   In the State of Nevada and California, a legal "marriage" must take place according to the laws of the State in which the union takes place. It's where you get married, not where you live, which ascertains which marriage license you will be required to have. A couple is officially "married" when a legally authorized person performs an official ceremony uniting them in marriage. The officiant will then sign the marriage license and send the documentation to the state for recording. Legally authorized persons are all clergy (i.e. priests, ministers, rabbis, etc.) and certain other persons specifically authorized such as Judges, Justices of the Peace, etc. Vows of commitment are required to be exchanged by the couple, but wedding rings are optional and not required.  Wedding License                                                    

How does the ceremony usually proceed?   The order and style of the wedding is, in many cases, a product of the location that you have chosen.  Since we create a custom ceremony for each couple, the different elements can be ordered with your thoughts and unique ceremony in mind.   Wedding Ceremony Outline       

What are the choices I may make for a customized wedding ceremony?  

            A. Our services are non-denominational, but may follow any of the numerous religious traditions available.  The choices range from a very traditional "church-style" wedding to no religious references at all.  Many couples wish to include readings from the bible or traditional or non-denominational prayers, and blessings. My recommendation is to include only that which is meaningful to you.                            
            B. People have been in love since the beginning of time. All over the world, in many different cultures, and throughout history, people have written wonderful expressions of their love in poems, sonnets, love songs, etc. Some religious books, such as the Bible, contain beautiful words on love. Other people may have said things about love that is very similar to how you feel for one another. They may have said it more eloquently than you or I could. It is appropriate to have a few romantic readings performed during a wedding ceremony, especially texts that have been recognized over time as "classics.” First of all, if you have more than two or three readings during your ceremony, it may sound like a literature class, so don't overdo it. And don't choose readings that are more than a paragraph or two in length. Second, never allow someone to "surprise" you with a reading. You'll have plenty of surprises at your reception (such as "toasts"), but maintain control over what is said at your wedding. The rule is that you pick the readings, and the readers. Third, it's often nice to have one or two romantic readings near the beginning of the ceremony to get people thinking about love, and then a final, special one near the end as the concluding thought.                            
            C. Many may include some form of romantic imagery. Among the most common types of romantic expressions are and the use of a Unity Candle or Unity Rose, Wine or Sand ceremonies.  Other choices include special flowers to mothers, drinking wine together out of a "unity cup," singing to each other (Groom serenading the Bride), hand fasting original poetry, the release of butterflies or doves after the ceremony, etc. There are a lot of creative ideas that you can create yourself or borrow from others, but the rule is to be yourself.                            
            D. Cultural traditions or historical traditions may be included in your celebration. If you have a strong tradition from another country or culture, you may want to include custom as part of your ceremony.  The following are some to consider.   Wedding Traditions & Folklore                            
            E. You certainly may write your own vows or special words that will reflect your unique feelings for your partner.  We will assist you with various possibilities and ideas that you may reflect on.   Vows                               

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