To make the ceremony a bit more reflective of the personalities and relationship, many couples will consider writing their own vows. Creating your own vows adds a very personal touch and is something that really brings the two of you together and the words expressed to each other will resonate with the audience, again, making it extremely intimate and personal. 

There are many ways to go about writing your own vows or personal readings.  They can be funny, serious, appreciative and complimentary, and no right or wrong way to go about it.  This gives you a chance to express your love for one another from your own hearts.

Here are some ideas.  We also have personal readings and vows from past couples that show many different styles and may spark your creativity.


___, you light up my life. Before I met you, my days were gray and murky, non descript, but your love has changed everything. Every day is a superbly happy adventure since I fell in love with you, the rain is softer, the flowers lovelier and a child's laughter more joyous... all because of your love. Thank you for loving me and for lighting up my life with yourself.

I am humbled by your love and thankful to be able to return your love from a heart that is spilling over with joy. This is the happiest day of my life as I take you as my _____ and commit myself to you for the rest of our lives.

 ___, until you came into my life I never thought I would know a deep and peaceful, full-acceptance love again. But then you came along and offered me your heart. You restored my faith in true love, in chivalry, in my own goodness and value, in the idea of good things coming to those who wait. I stand here before you now to offer you my hand, my heart, my future. I bring you the fruition of my life's experiences, the tapestry of my lifetime, just as you bring me yours. We are both better people for the lives we've lived to this point, for the challenges and struggles we've overcome, and for the joys we have experienced along the way. Good things do come to those who wait, and you are all good things to me. I promise you that I will lift you up as you have lifted me, and that we will stand in the sunlight together forever.

____, when you came along, you opened windows and doors and horizons for me, showing me the world in a new light and showing me parts of myself that I had long forgotten I had tucked away for safekeeping. You brought me to life in a new and wonderful way, full of light, joy, serenity and excitement. I promise as we join our lives together now, that I will always be true to you, and will always open windows and doors and horizons to you, bringing out the best in you and bringing out the best in our future together. You have my heart, because you have earned it. You valued it and nurtured it; you gave me your own in the most generous way possible. I will always love and support you and thank you for consenting to be my wife.